Picture hanging system

Hanging up pictures without damaging walls

Hanging up a painting has never been easier than with a picture hanging rail from STAS picture hanging systems! STAS offers a complete range of art hanging systems that allow you to hang and move your paintings, picture frames, art, mirrors, wall hangings, signs and many other types of wall décor flexibly, easily and quickly. Whether you want to hang a painting on a concrete wall, drywall or brick wall, the patented STAS rail systems can be mounted on any type of wall or ceiling.

Art hanging systems from STAS - PictureHangingSystems.com

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  1. STAS minirail

    Starting at CA$8.07

    Smallest rail in the world

    Weight-limit: Up to 110 lbs per rail*

    In white and silver

    Starting at CA$25.10

  2. STAS cliprail max

    Starting at CA$8.07

    No gap between rail and ceiling

    Weight-limit: Up to 110 lbs per rail*

    In white and silver

    Starting at CA$25.22
  3. STAS cliprail pro

    Starting at CA$2.90

    Most popular in the US - Heavy duty

    Weight-limit: Up to 199 lbs per rail*

    In white and silver

    Starting at CA$31.48
  4. STAS cliprail

    Starting at CA$8.07

    Basic, simple and easy

    Weight-limit: Up to 88 lbs per rail*

    In white and silver

    Starting at $19.46

  5. STAS papergrip + installation kit
    As low as CA$57.91

    Suitable for hanging cards, photos etc

    Hang from the rail and put on top!

    In white, alu and textured

  6. STAS plasterboard rail

    Starting at CA$0.46

    Integrated ceiling rail

    Weight-limit: Up to 110 lbs per rail

    White, in 2 thicknesses

    Starting at CA$39.93

  7. STAS j-rail max

    Starting at CA$18.19

    For professional use on high walls

    Weight-limit: Up to 440 lbs per rail*

    In white and silver

    Starting at CA$25.49
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What is a STAS rail system?

A hanging system or rail system -- it's not as complicated as it might sound!

Basically, our hanging systems consist of three parts: a rail, a cord and a hook.

The steps to make it work are pretty simple:

  1. Attach the rail to your wall or ceiling
    Once you do this, you will not need to drill or use nails ever again!
  2. Hook the cord into the rail at any desired location
  3. Slide the hook over the cord to the desired height
  4. Hang any object on the hook and you're done

Hanging up wall decorations without drilling

STAS picture rail moldings give you complete freedom to hang your favorite photos, art, wall collages and drawings. And the advantages of our hanging systems do not stop there. You can also easily build a gallery wall, hang clocks, coat hooks, bulletin boards, posters, mirrors, kids artwork, heavy paintings and quilts from our gallery style picture hanging systems using the matching hooks and cords.

  Description Weight Capacity
STAS minirail Most discrete hanging system in the world 17 lb/ft¹
STAS cliprail Basic, simple and easy to install 13 lb/ft¹
STAS cliprail max Seamless fit between the wall and ceiling 17 lb/ft¹
STAS cliprail pro Heavy duty artwork and paintings are no problem 30 lb/ft¹
STAS plasterboard rail Integrated into the design and construction phase 17 lb/ft¹
STAS drop ceiling rail Add picture hanging functionality to new and existing drop ceiling systems 17 lb/ft¹
STAS j-rail max Professional art galleries with optional anti-theft capability 67 lb/ft¹
STAS u-rail Great alternative to suction cups for displaying signage in shop windows 13 lb/ft¹
STAS prorail flat Heavy-duty ceiling system that can also be integrated into plaster and drywall 30 lb/ft¹
STAS evoluon Curved walls are no longer a problem when hanging artwork and wall decor (also suitable for straight walls) 13 lb/ft¹
STAS windsor Wooden rail with classic victorian look 13 lb/ft¹
STAS riva Wooden rail with a modern look 13 lb/ft¹
STAS qubic & qubic pro Fixed horizontal system with full vertical flexibility  44/66 lb/piece
STAS drywallXpress Tool-free installation for drywall and gypsum board 13 lb/ft¹