Picture hanging hooks

self adhesive picture hanging hooksOur shop offers heavy duty, adhesive hangers for pictures. These picture hanging hooks can be used to hang art on acrylic or Dibond and similar flat panels.

You can buy your self-adhesive hanging plate right here!

The two most commonly used picture hanging hooks in our webshop are the STAS smartspring and the STAS zipper. They are suitable for use in conjunction with most picture hanging systems by STAS. These self locking picture hooks are easily adjustable, just slide them over the picture hanging cords/cables to the desired height. They are the ideal solution for picture hanging without nails. The STAS smartspring is suitable for use with perlon cords only (for loads up to 8.8 lbs). The STAS zipper can be used with perlon cords (for loads up to 33 lbs) and steel cables (for loads up to 44 lbs).

picture rail hooksIn order to hang heavy works of art professionally, we offer picture hanging hooks that can carry weights up to 88 lbs and a different type that carries up to 220 lbs. These picture hooks are suitable for the STAS j-rail max system. This very sturdy system does not work with perlon cords or steel cables but with rods instead.

picture hanging hooksThere’s also a special anti theft security picture hook available. Use this picture hanging hook in conjunction with the STAS j-rail max security rod 4x4 and optional theft delaying STAS j-rail max security cap.security picture hanging hooks Back to Picture hanging overview.