Picture rail systems

Picture rail systems by STAS

A picture rail system from STAS is a great idea for areas that are have a design style, business locations but also for residential use. For instance, our STAS minirail is our very discreet picture hanging rail. It's so unobtrusive because of the unique style of the picture rail, which is easy to install on any type of wall, even hanging pictures on brick is a breeze.

Picture rail systems mean freedom in wall decorating!

STAS picture rail systems are made from high quality gallery rail that can easily be mounted to the wall using the patented STAS clipscrews. The picture rail system hides the picture hanging hardware from everyone’s view. Our smart picture rail can then be paired with our cords fitted with the patented STAS cobra, available in various strengths and colours, like perlon which is barely visible or the more industrial aluminum, white or black steel cords. The cobra end makes it very easy to insert the cords into the STAS picture rail at any place on the entire length of the track. Just insert and turn it so it’s secured.

Complete your picture rail system with hooks, cords or other solutions

After that, you will only have to use one or more picture hangers per cable to make it suitable to hang your frames, pictures, artwork etc. Choose from the STAS smartspring, STAS zipper or the zipper pro version which makes it more difficult for thieves to snatch away your precious artwork. Other items you can hang from the cords are plates, using the special plate hangers or quilts and other fabrics with our quilt hangers. The possibilities with STAS picture hanging systems are endless!

STAS... more than just picture hanging

We do not only have picture hangers, but also the STAS tunica coat hanger, STAS magnet sets to easy hang your photos and cards. Besides the standard picture rails, we also have the possibility to incorporate art lighting into your home or working area, using the STAS multirail and accessories.

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  1. STAS plasterboard rail

    Starting at CA$0.46

    Integrated ceiling rail

    Weight-limit: Up to 110 lbs per rail

    White, in 2 thicknesses

    Starting at CA$39.93

  2. STAS cliprail

    Starting at CA$8.07

    Basic, simple and easy

    Weight-limit: Up to 88 lbs per rail*

    In white and silver

    Starting at $19.46

  3. STAS papergrip + installation kit
    As low as CA$57.91

    Suitable for hanging cards, photos etc

    Hang from the rail and put on top!

    In white, alu and textured

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