STAS cords & hooks

For a complete overview of our hooks and cords, have a look below:

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  1. STAS picture rail molding hook + STAS clear cord with loop end 59 inch (150 cm) + STAS zipper
    As low as CA$12.10
  2. STAS clear cord with loop end
    As low as CA$2.45
  3. STAS steel cable with loop end
    As low as CA$5.19
  4. STAS steel cable with cobra end
    As low as CA$9.41
  5. STAS clear cord with cobra end
    As low as CA$4.82
  6. STAS black or white steel cable with cobra end 78.75 inch
    As low as CA$17.03
  7. STAS j-rail cylinder hook
    As low as CA$2.23
  8. STAS S-hook
    As low as CA$1.22
  9. STAS clear cord with slider end
    As low as CA$2.53
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34 Items

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STAS hooks and cords

Hanging hooks and cords for picture hanging systems

Picture hanging cords with STAS cobra

Hanging cords for STAS picture hanging systems consist of a slider called 'cobra' that is attached to a clear (perlon) cord or steel cable. The cobra suspension cords offer a flexible, user-friendly and safe way to hang wall decorations from a STAS picture rail. The STAS cobra picture hanging wires can be placed at any point of the picture hanging rail and can easily be removed and replaced.

STAS picture hanging hooks

A picture hanging hook of your choice, like the STAS zipper (pro) or STAS smartspring, can easily be slid onto a wire to your desired height. The STAS smartspring can only be used on clear (perlon) wire.

Other options for hanging from a cord

In case you have eg. panel walls or already have a (wooden) picture rail in your home or office, you can also use a cord with loop, for instance on a picture rail molding hook or on a panel hook, also available at STAS. The STAS j-rail max picture rail has special rods and hooks, which can be found on this page.

Hanging cords - different types and sizes

If you want the hanging wire to be as discreet as possible, the perlon transparent suspension wire is the right choice for you. Also a white STAS cobra steel cord will almost be invisible on a white wall. Steel wire, also available in black, gives a different look, which in certain (eg. industrial) interiors will really come into its own. All hanging wires are available in different lengths. For more information about the weight bearing capacity of different hook/cords combinations, have a look here