Looking for a picture hanging solution? Use the STAS buying guide!

So, you have objects you wish to hang, but haven’t decided which method is right for your situation and budget?
Let us help! Find the best solution for whatever object you want to hang here.

Peruse the table below for step 1; the object you want to hang.
Click on the item of your choice and we will explain further what your best options are when you click on 'View options':

Object to hang:

hang art


Framed artwork, photo, etc.



hang paper Cards

Unframed photo’s


Small posters

hang quilt Quilt



Other fabrics

hang small frame Small picture frame

hang decorations Party decorations

Seasonal decorations

hang signage Signage

hang mirror

Acrylic dibond

Flat panel


Other objects to hang

plates Decorative plates

hang coat Coat

Other clothing

Specific situations:

hang on cubicle wall Office cubicles

Over the door

Partition walls

hang on traditional picture rail Traditional picture rail

(wood, ledges, moldings)

hang on metal Metal surfaces

Most objects, with the exception of papers and cards, need to be equipped with a hook, a picture hanging wire, an eyelet or any other hanger or hardware with which it can be hung. Then, in most cases, you would need a combination of one or multiple rails, cables and hooks depending on the size and weight of your item, the lenght of the wall you want to cover and the height of the room. Next to our picture hanging rails, we have other standalone items that you can use.

The best method to hang an item depends on a few factors:

  • - The object(s) you want to hang
  • - The weight of your object(s)
  • - The surface you wish to hang it from
  • - The look and feel you want your display to have
  • - Also very important; your budget