Hanging picture frames

Ever thought you just lacked the talent for hanging picture frames? Picture hanging seems to be an eternal insecurity for all. But the good news is: talent's got nothing to do with it. With the right information, tools and materials, anyone can hang pictures like a pro. Here’s how:

hanging picture frames

Skip the difficult parts

Hanging picture frames can be intimidating for a number of reasons:
• Where exactly do you hang the picture frame?
• How do you get the picture in that perfect spot, lined out with other frames or furniture?
• What do you do if you screw up? How to mend holes in your walls?

Skip each and every one of these daunting questions by hanging your picture frames with a STAS picture hanging system.

Picture hanging systems

A picture hanging system, that sounds elaborate. Another reassurance: it’s not.

A hanging system is basically a picture rail, a cord and a hook. The picture rail is mounted easily on a wall or ceiling. You can then hook the cords into the rail at any spot you wish and slide the hook over the cord to any height you wish.

Hang your picture frame on the hook and behold the result. Don’t like what you see? Simply… CHANGE it again: take the picture off the hook, adjust the cord, the hook, or both. And try again.

In other words: a picture hanging system lets you tweak. And take our word for it: you’re not the only tweaker out there. So tweak away. Because you can fight it, but you will never conquer it.

So, ready to give it a try? Buy your very own picture hanging system easily online.

Original ideas for hanging picture frames

Need some inspiration? Or a lot? Check out the pages below for tips, tricks and ideas outside the box to get you started on that collage, gallery wall, bedroom makeover or whatever it is you need your walls to look stunning for.

Live art, breathe art. And feel free tweaking it.

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