picture rail molding hook

Combining a traditional picture rail molding hook with a perlon cord and the patented STAS zipper hook gives you the best way to hang your pictures from a wooden picture rail.
Available in white and natural aluminium.
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STAS picture rail

Modern aluminium picture rail is the main component of our picture hanging systems. The picture rail is an aluminium strip that is mounted on your wall or ceiling. It is completed by special picture rail hooks and cords with which you hang your pictures, artwork or other objects like mirrors, bulletin boards or clocks from the rail.

Why picture rail?

Well, that answer's quite simple: because picture rails put an end to all drilling, hammering and wall damage! Once your rail is up, your wall arrangements could literally change daily and your walls wouldn't suffer a bit. So hang and rearrange your artwork year in year out! Create gallery walls! Incorporate other objects like clocks, quilts or seasonal decor! Your walls won't mind.

Hanging pictures with picture rail is the picture hanging method preferred by museums and galleries, but also by corporations, schools, offices and of course: home owners.

What picture rail should I choose?

STAS offers various types of picture rail that differ in terms of load capacity, look, options and price.



Smallest in the world

cliprail pro

Heavy duty

cliprail max

Fits straight to the ceiling, no gap

j-rail max


prorail flat

For ceiling and plastering
Weight capacity 55 lbs per 39.25" 99 lbs per 39.25" 55 lbs per 39.25" 220 lbs per 39.25" 99 lbs per 39.25"
Mounting on Wall Wall Wall Wall Ceiling
Color White or silver White or silver White or silver White or silver White
Theft delaying possibility?
Mounting instructions
Additional hangers Hooks and cords Hooks and cords Hooks and cords Hooks and rods Hooks and cords
Price per 59" (150cm)
-Mounting materials
-Picture rail 
26.86 CAD $ 33.68 CAD $ 26.99 CAD $ 27.27 CAD $ 48.26 CAD $

What picture rail cords should I choose?

STAS offers two types of picture rail cords: a transparent perlon cord and a steel cable. Making a choice is no rocket science: the perlon cord simply has a lower load capacity and a different look. Both cords can be hooked into your picture hanging track by means of steel tip called a "cobra". We also offer cords for molding hooks.

What picture rail hooks should I choose?

STAS offers three types of picture rail hooks:
STAS smartspring is a picture hook for lightweight objects that can be used only on perlon cord.
STAS zipper is a picture hook for heavier objects and can be used on both perlon and steel cable.
STAS zipper pro is like the STAS zipper but has an extra theft-delaying bracket.