Use the STAS papergrip optimally in 5 steps

  • Aug 13, 2018

The STAS papergrip; easy and versatile!

The STAS papergrip is an aluminum rail with a strip on the inside and is available in the colors aluminum, black structured lacquer, white structured lacquer and white smooth, and in the lengths 50cm / 19.7”, 100cm / 37.4”, 150 cm / 59” or 200cm / 78.7”.

STEP 1: Screw or glue the STAS papergrip on the desired location

STAS papergrip onderdelen

Do you want to fit the papergrip exactly to a certain length? Then simply cut the papergrip to size (and straight  ) with a hacksaw. There are 2 ways to assemble the papergrip. Use the included rail clip screws (3 per meter); mount the plugs, tighten the screw and click the papergrip onto the clipscrews. The papergrip can also be placed with magnetic tape or double-sided tape, provided the substrate is suitable for this purpose and no heavy objects are placed in or on the papergrip. It is of course possible to mount several suspension systems side by side with the aid of a rail connector to extend the length of the hanging area. Finish the papergrip by placing the matching end caps on both ends.

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STAS papergrip

STEP 2: Clip your papers into the bottom of the STAS papergrip

Thanks to a strip in the rail, papers can easily be clamped and removed again. Both thick and thin paper can be removed in one movement to replace with something new. For example, hang Christmas or birthday cards in a prominent place in the living room, recipes in the kitchen, calendar notes on the door, children's drawings in the playroom or personal photos in the hallway. There are plenty of options!

STEP 3: Put something on top of the STAS papergrip

The special ledge of the papergrip also makes it possible to place some stiffer paper types such as cardboard or thin magazines up to 3.5mm /0.14” thick on top of the rail for even more hanging options!

STAS papergrip

STAS papergriphook

STEP 4:Add a STAS papergrip hook and hang small items from it

Click one or more of the specially designed plastic STAS papergrip hooks onto the rail, to hang small items such as keys on the STAS papergrip. The papergrip hooks are available in the colors alu, black and white, matching the colors of the rail. But of course you can also use the colors of the papergrip and hooks to achieve a contrasting look!

STEP 5: Hang a STAS steel cable with a loop on the papergrip hook and use magnets to hang photos onto the cable

You get an extra playful effect when you use the STAS steel cable with loop on a STAS papergrip hook; hang your best pictures using our coloured pawn shaped magnets (sold separately) to think back to those precious moments!

STAS papergrip with steelcable with loop

In short; it’s easy peasy lemon squeezy! The STAS papergrip really makes your living and/or working environment so much more fun and beautiful in a practical way!


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