Hanging systems for hanging kids' artwork

  • May 22, 2018
Hanging Kids Art

Are you looking for ways to hang up your children's drawings? Use STAS for hanging children's artwork!

“Oh no, more drawings! Where am I going to leave them this time?” Does this sound familiar? Kids make the most beautiful pieces of artwork, as well as in school as at home. Most of the time they end up with a magnet on the fridge or roam somewhere around the house. Of course you want to show how incredibly proud you are of the creativity of your children. But where are you going to leave all of these? No worries.. we've got you covered!

Hanging systems for children's drawings

Forget about tape, magnets or pin-up boards. These ways can cause damage, are potentially dangerous for your children and are simply not that appealing to look at. Did you know that we offer ideal hanging systems for hanging all the artworks of your little artist(s)?

The STAS paperrail and the STAS papergrip are compact, stylish and very user-friendly. Your children could even hang up drawings all by themselves! So kidsproof!

STAS paperrail

The STAS paperrail (available in the colors aluminum and white) is filled with marbles which ensures that all artworks are carefully clamped when you put them at the bottom of the STAS paperrail. The STAS paperrail can be attached directly to the wall with separately available screws and plugs. Do you want more space to hang drawings and the like? That is possible! You can easily attach two pieces of paperrail next to each other.

STAS paperrail/>       STAS paperrail

STAS papergrip

The STAS papergrip (available in the colors aluminum textured, black textured and white) is an aluminum rail with a strip on the inside. Artworks of the children can easily be clipped into the rail thanks to this strip and they are also very easy removable when new drawings have been made. The special rail edge of the papergrip also makes it possible to place more stiff paper types such as cardboard on top of the rail for even more hanging options. For the STAS papergrip as well, it is possible to mount several hanging systems next to each other to offer more space.

STAS papergrip         STAS papergrip

STAS Magnet set

Hanging Kids Art with a STAS magnet set

Another way to hang childrens' artwork is the STAS magnet set. By way of its strong tripod neodymium magnet combined with the STAS steel cable, the STAS magnet set is unrivalled through its simplicity. The STAS magnet set is suitable for every STAS picture hanging system in this store, except STAS j-rail max.

In addition to the artworks of the children, you can of course also hang other things with the STAS paperrail and the STAS papergrip. Think of notes, appointments, leaflets, shopping lists, recipes and magazines. Convenient hanging systems for your children, and for yourself as well!

STAS papergrip

Imagine how happy your kids will be to see their artwork so well hung! What would you hang up with the STAS paperrail or the STAS papergrip? Let us know in the comments, we are so curious!


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