4 reasons why art display systems are so popular

STAS art display system

Whether at home, in a gallery or at the office, art needs to be hung in a way that's both flexible and secure.

That presents a challenge: nails or screws might be secure but are not flexible, self-adhesive hangers might be flexible but are not secure.

Enter art display systems!

1. Art display systems are flexible

It doesn't matter whether you are creating an art gallery display, decorating your home or equipping a school: in all cases it is likely that the artworks and their locations are not permanent. Sooner or later, you will want to rearrange them, change them out or relocate them.

Once the picture rail of your art display system is up, the road is open to endless rearranging of your art displays, gallery walls or even seasonal decorations. Without tools, without effort, without any wall damage!

Cords hang from the rail, so all you need to do is relocate them or add new ones. Then slide picture hooks over the cord to another height, or again: add new ones.

Moreover, art display systems aren't just for hanging art. Feel free to use them to hang other objects like clocks, quilts, mirrors or bulletin boards.

Did you know? You can buy art display systems easily online! They start from under C$ 31!

2. Art display systems are secure

Art display systems are essentially gallery systems: they are the preferred art hanging method for most museums and galleries. Of course, museums value security above anything else. An art display system that employs aluminium rail is extremely reliable because the rail can distribute the weight.

3. Art display systems are sustainable

Since there is no need to drill holes or create new nail holes, walls remain intact, no matter how often you rearrange your wall decorations. At home, this means no wall mending or extra paint jobs. In businesses, this means no maintenance costs! Moreover, they last a lifetime.

4. Art display systems are elegant

An art display system can be as (in)visible as you wish it to be. Pick or paint a rail in a contrasting color and mount it slam in the middle of your wall to make it stand out. Mount it close to the ceiling or conceal it in plasterwork to make it "disappear". Overall, art display systems have a sleek, neutral design that goes with any interior style.

So, curious to find out more? Compare art display systems and assemble your own!



Smallest in the world

cliprail pro

Heavy duty

cliprail max

Fits straight to the ceiling, no gap

j-rail max


prorail flat

For ceiling and plastering
Weight capacity 55 lbs per 39.25" 99 lbs per 39.25" 55 lbs per 39.25" 220 lbs per 39.25" 99 lbs per 39.25"
Mounting on Wall Wall Wall Wall Ceiling
Color White or silver White or silver White or silver White or silver White
Theft delaying possibility?
Mounting instructions
Additional hangers Hooks and cords Hooks and cords Hooks and cords Hooks and rods Hooks and cords
Price per 59" (150cm)
-Mounting materials
-Picture rail 
26.86 CAD $ 33.68 CAD $ 26.99 CAD $ 27.27 CAD $ 48.26 CAD $