Rail lighting system

Rail lighting system

Imagine lighting your art display…
…without drilling holes
…with elegant fixtures
…with efficient LED lights

Rail lighting systems are a great way to light multiple artworks with one system. However, rail lighting does put a big strain on your ceilings and / or walls. Aside from drill holes for the rail lighting system, there will be more drill holes for the artworks themselves.

Not with STAS. STAS offers flexible rail lighting systems that incorporate hanging the art itself. Half the holes, twice the flexibility.

Rail lighting, the STAS way

A picture rail is mounted on your wall. It is equipped with low voltage power supply wires to provide power to all light fixtures that you click into the rail. But cords can also be clicked into the rail. From the cords you can then hang your artworks.

Led light fixtures

Lighting fixtures with led

Led lighting is used ever more often. And with good reason. It saves energy because it converts almost all (80%) of its energy to light. In comparison: halogen converts only 20% of its energy to light.

Our light fixtures are available in two designs: one straight design of 50 cm and one arched design of 70 cm. Both fixtures have a chrome finish.

We recommend using the 70 cm design if your wall is 2.70 m high or higher. That way, the light can spread across your art more evenly.

Rail lighting products online

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