What is the difference between a plaster wall and drywall?

There are two popular ways to finish a wall: using plaster or using drywall (panels). Plaster is a dry powder that is mixed with water to a stiff but workable paste that can be applied to a wall before it hardens. Drywall is a panel made of gypsum plaster covered in thick paper. To start with, plaster is harder and a bit more brittle than drywall. Secondly, plaster is more sound-proof. It blocks sound transmission way better than drywall because of its density. Drywall, however, has better thermal capabilities and therefore provides better insulation of a room. Both ways are great options to finish your walls but because of their differences, they require different techniques to hang your wall decoration.

How to hang pictures on plaster walls using STAS picture rails

A first tip we'd like to give you when hanging pictures on plaster walls is to avoid using plaster nails. Plaster nails cause cracking of your plaster walls. Not a great look. An ideal and simple solution for hanging pictures on plaster walls is by using a picture hanging system such as the STAS minirail.

The STAS minirail system is the thinnest and most innovative picture hanging system in the world. The rail, which is available in white or a natural aluminium colour, is only 0.63 inches wide and perfectly blends in with your interior.

Are you looking for an easy way to hang your pictures on drywall? Use our picture rail, designed for drywall, the STAS drywallXpress!

Hanging pictures on plaster wall without nails

A smart solution to hang your picture on a plaster wall without using nails is by using a STAS picture hanging system. Next to the STAS minirail, we have many other picture rails that are all suitable for flexibly hanging your pictures or other wall decoration on plaster walls. We have picture rails with a top rim that connect with your ceiling, wooden picture rails or picture rails with integrated lighting. Using a STAS picture rail is very easy. After installation you simply hook one of the picture hanging cords in the rail, you slide a picture hanging hook over the cord to the desired height and you hang your picture. Easy as that!

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