Hanging pictures without nails

Reasons not to drill into the wall

You probably recognize the feeling. You really want to hang your painting, but drilling into your walls is a stumbling point. You may find it a bit scary to drill holes in your walls. After all, determining the correct position of the drilling hole is not an easy job and a mistake is easily made. In addition, making a hole in your wall feels like something final. You can of course patch up the damage that's done to your wall, but your wall will never look as sleek as before. Luckily, there are plenty of options so that you can hang your painting without drilling!

How to hang pictures without nails?

1. A picture hanging rail from STAS

Do you also want to hang pictures without nails? After the simple, one-time installation of the picture hanging system on the wall or ceiling, you will never have to drill holes in the wall or use tools, screws or nails again to hang your pictures or frames.

STAS' various patented picture hanging systems can be mounted on any wall or ceiling. With the accompanying hooks and cords, adding, moving and changing pictures and wall decorations is child's play!

A picture hanging system sounds more complicated than it is. Basically, our picture hanging systems consist of three parts: a picture hanging rail, a cord and a picture hook.

1. Mount the picture hanging rail to your wall or ceiling. After this, you never have to drill again!
2. Hook the cord into the picture hanging rail at any desired location.
3. Slide the picture hook over the cord to the desired height.
4. Hang a picture or other wall decoration on the hook: done!
Your picture hangs without nails!

Do you want to hang something without drilling or without nails? Use a picture hanging system from STAS picture hanging systems!

Picture hanging systems are the easiest way to hang pictures without nails.
Why? You will never have to use a drill or other tools again once the system is in place. Simply add, adjust and rearrange pictures at will without any wall damage or effort. A flexible and secure solution.

In case you'd like to go the old fashioned way, here are some tips for hanging pictures without nails:

1. You can use sticky tape, masking tape is a good option. You can cut small portions and make small curved rolls from them. Stick those on every corner of your picture frame. The main disadvantage with this method, is that it’s likely to leave marks on your wall or wallpaper after removing your picture frame. Also, the weight of your wall decoration might cause it to fall down… so this is not the most tidy or secure option.

2. There are also special sticky hangers available. These work fine, but when you’d like to remove them, the paint and plasterwork might come off. These hangers can severely damage your wall and you’re likely to need to repair and repaint it!

3. There are flexible poster tacks you can use. These work like sticky tape, only they’re much less likely to cause damage to your wall. But they won’t hold up when you’re trying to hang picture frames that are somewhat heavy either!

4. Another way to hang pictures without nails is to use an existing hook and attach a cord to it. You can attach photos, pieces of paper or pictures without frames to it. This method won't do when you'd like to hang a rather heavy, framed picture.

Conclusion: hanging pictures without nails is done best with a picture hanging system!

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