Hanging a picture frame

Hanging picture frames There's a couple of things to keep in mind when hanging a picture frame.

Hanging a picture frame at eye level is the most common option, although this is a matter of taste. 57" from the floor to the centre of the picture frame is a safe rule of thumb that is also applied in museums. When in doubt, always pick your lower option. Pictures that hang too high quickly look out of place and awkward. Pictures that hang (too) low, instead, look sophisticated.

Take your time to look for the right frame. Hanging a frame is one thing, but if it disappears against the color of your walls or doesn't go with the decor of your room, all effort was in vain. You'd like the frame to match or accentuate your room, so the right size and color are very important! Don't be afraid to make bold choices, a picture frame can be a great statement piece.

If you're hanging a group of pictures, it might be a good idea to place your favorite picture in the centre. Make sure that you keep an eye on the general composition. Try to create a balanced composition with regard to size, color etc. Our advice is to leave about 1 to 5 inches between the pictures. The fewer pictures you are hanging, the closer together they should be in order to look coherent and "on purpose".

Not sure about your composition?
It's not easy to get it all right in one try. But we have good news! There is a picture hanging method that allows for as many attempts as you like, without damaging your wall. Simply use a picture hanging system. A hanging system allows you to add, adjust and rearrange your pictures as often as you like without any tools, nails, screws or drilling!

Hanging a picture frame the old fashioned way

• For brick / stone walls: a solid steel nail or drilling a hole and a nylon screw plug will do the job. A nail will be sufficient for hanging a lightweight picture frame. Use a screw and screw plug for big and heavy picture frames. More info on Hanging pictures on brick walls

• For drywall: driving a nail through a small picture hanger will work for most lightweight and small picture frames. Attaching a picture hook or nail to the wooden framing studs behind your drywall will help provide more support for hanging heavier picture frames. More info on Hanging pictures on drywall

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