Tips for hanging art "gallery style"

STAS knows gallery style hanging

Looking to hang your art gallery style? STAS offers art hanging systems that will give you both the look and possibilities of professional gallery hanging.

Or do you own a gallery and are you looking for a perfect solution that will help you rearrange and display your collection with ease and elegance? Look no further!

How does STAS do this?

If you use an art hanging system, you will hang your art with steel cables or almost invisible monofilament cords. Just hook these cords into a rail that is installed on the wall or ceiling, and slide a picture hook over the cord to adjust the height of your picture frame.

An art hanging system has several big advantages, but perhaps the biggest of all is: adjustment is easy. You can make up your wall collage as you go along and always make adjustments later, if you’re not quite happy with the results. Rearrange at will. No detailed measurements, drilling or tools necessary. So no irreversible choices, no dust, no mess, no hassle at all!

Tips and tricks for hanging art “gallery style”

Hanging art gallery style - gallery wall

1. Space and purpose
Where will you create your gallery wall? In your living room, your hallway, your bedroom? Or perhaps in your own gallery? Define the wall space you want to use and ask yourself:

- How much space have I got?
- How many pieces do I want to hang?
- Is art the main purpose or focus of the space?

Art hanging gallery 2. Composition
Depending on the space and the art pieces you’ve got, and the intentions you have behind displaying them, define your composition.

- Art in galleries and museums is often hung at 57”, measuring from the floor to the center of the artwork (or grouping of artworks).

- The less pictures you are hanging, the closer together they should be. There are no specific rules, but make sure your composition looks unified and “on purpose.” You will see what we mean by that when you try it.

- When hanging art in a relatively small space, a big painting can increase the feeling of space. Placing several smaller pictures vertically can create a sense of height.

- It is possible to hang multiple picture frames from one cord. This gives you complete freedom to experiment with collage compositions.

3. Finishing touches
- Sometimes the use of two cords and hooks instead of one makes it easier to hang a picture straight.

- Rails and cords have neutral, elegant designs. Choose a more industrial look (aluminum and steel components), or a more neutral look (white, paintable rail, perlon cord). The STAS system can be adapted to any interior style.

So, ready to give it a try?

Don’t worry, with STAS there’s no need to get it right the first time around. Simply buy one system and you can keep on rearranging, experimenting, creating.

And here’s more good news: you can buy your STAS art hanging system easily online.