What picture rail options does STAS offer?

Since STAS started out, we have developed many different picture hanging systems, consisting of rails with hooks and cords and other standalone options. We continue to design even more different options to cater to all kinds of art and decoration hanging challenges. STAS is a one stop shop where you can find anything you want for art, picture and other decoration hanging.
The base for most picture hanging solutions is our picture rail, have a look below at all of the solutions we have to offer.

Weight capacity

The total weight of the wall decorations you want to hang, should never be more than the picture rail can carry per linear meter. Of course you can use multiple hooks and cords to safely hang your wall decorations. Add up the weight of all the items you want to hang and divide it by the meters of wall you want to cover with it. See what picture rail suits best.

Surface for the picture rail

You can mount a picture rail on a straight wall, no matter what the length of the wall is. We also have solutions for (drop) ceilings and even bent or curved walls and other more challenging locations you would want to hang your art and decorations!

Look and feel of your picture hanging system

Most of our aluminum picture rails are available in the colours white and silver/aluminum, but we also have wooden picture rails for a more natural look. To emphasize your wall decorations even more, we have the perfect picture hanging systems with lighting for you.

Best choice for your budget

We have picture hanging systems for every budget; if the total weight of your wall decorations is not too steep, you'll be more than happy to choose our low-budget rail.

The various STAS picture rail options:

wall mounted rails

ceiling mounted rails

wooden picture rails

hidden / plaster rails

picture rail for heavy items

picture rail with lighting

drop ceiling solutions

bent wall solutions