Picture hanging systems: hanging pictures without drilling!

The STAS picture hanging systems are essentially rail hanging systems. They consist of a picture rail, cords and picture hooks. STAS offers various types of systems to accommodate art of all weights and interiors of all styles.

How does it work?

The picture rail is mounted on your wall or ceiling. A cord is then hooked in the rail, and a picture hook is slid over the cord to the desirable height. All that’s left to do then, is to hang your frame from the hook.

Picture hanging systems are designed to allow endless rearranging of frames on your walls without extra drilling. The only holes in your walls will be used for hanging the picture rail. So once the rail is up, put away your drill. No other tools, screws or nails are necessary either, no matter how much rearranging you do!

Hanging systems for paintings only?

Certainly not! You can use a picture hanging system for all sorts of framed art and photographs, for canvas and dibond, but also for other objects like mirrors, clocks, quilts and bulletin boards. In short, the terms picture hanging system and art hanging system do not even do our systems justice!

Thanks to the versatility of our hanging systems, they can be found worldwide in all sorts of buildings: museums, galleries, universities, governmental institutions, offices, schools, hospitals, hotels and of course: homes!

So, ready to learn how to hang pictures with STAS? Dive into our solutions for secure, flexible and refined picture hanging.

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STAS community testimonials

"I am very happy with how easy the system installs, how streamline it looks and the incredible flexibility it gives me to hang and display my most valued art collection. "

Joanne - 07/30/2014 on STAS cliprail pro

"Fabulous system and a pleasure to install...I change my hanging arrangements frequently. To avoid all those nail holes, I searched and found the STAS system. This is my first wall...more to follow. "

Amber73- 01/30/2014 on STAS cliprail max

"I am an art teacher and use this rail system. It contains glass marbles, and it won't damage student art. The system is installed in the schools lobby/entry, and in my classroom as well."

Phillip- 07/26/2013 on STAS paperrail

Find out what STAS can do for your space:

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Official STAS webshops

STAS picture hanging systems are available throughout the world. Several official STAS webshops cater to the English speaking world. You’re currently visiting the Canadian webshop.

If you live in the UK, please buy your picture hanging systems at www.hangingsystems.com. This shop also offers traditional picture rail hooks for traditional wooden picture rail.

If you live in the US, please buy your picture hanging systems at www.picturehangingsystems.com.