Hanging pictures on brick walls without drilling

Hanging pictures on brick walls

Hanging pictures on brick walls is no more difficult than hanging pictures on any other type of wall. It's all in the right equipment: you just need the right hooks, nails and tools! However, if wall damage of your gorgeous brick wall is a concern for you, we recommend using a picture hanging system! A picture hanging system enables endless rearranging, adjusting and adding of artworks without extra drilling!

Using a picture hanging system

A picture hanging system consists of a rail that is mounted on your brick wall. Once the rail is up, you can hook in matching cords at any spot along the rail. Slide picture hooks over the cord to the desired height and hang your artwork! Not happy with the way it looks? Simply adjust the cord and / or the hook until you're satisfied. No extra drill holes are necessary, ever again!

When mounting the picture rail make sure to use plugs for hard wall, available in our webshop.

Tips for hanging pictures on brick walls

- There are special picture hooks and nails available for hanging pictures on brick that won't bend or break as easily compared to regular nails / hooks. Make sure you use this type!

- Check the maximum weight the hook / nail can carry! Otherwise your picture frame might come down… When using a picture hanging system you will know exactly how much weight it can carry. Your pictures will be 100% safe and secure!

- Measure and mark the exact spot for the nails / hooks. Use a water level tool to make sure the picture will hang straight.

- When drilling a hole, make one that's slightly bigger than the size of the object / plug. Make sure you use a masonry bit of the right size. If possible, try to drill the mortar between the bricks, this will be easier! You'll risk damaging the brick itself (it might crack) when drilling directly into the brick. Also make sure there are no pipes or electric wire in the wall behind your drilling spot! Use safety goggles to prevent damage to your eyes by little particles that might fly around when drilling. Make sure to have some water nearby as the bit can get very hot while drilling. Drill only for a few seconds at a time, otherwise your bit might get stuck.

- And if you don't like all this fuss, there's always the option to use one of our handy picture hanging systems. Hang your pictures without nails!

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