STAS buying guide: step 2 paper

So, you want to hang paper, unframed photo’s, cards, drawings, small posters or memos, but haven’t decided which method is right for your situation and budget? Let us help! We offer multiple options to hang your papers & cards;


Used standalone, without picture rail: 


STAS paperrail

Papers, drawings, memos, and photos easily stay in the rail due to the gravity of the marbles in the rail. The range of applications is endless, where people use paper, the paperrail can be used. In offices, working environments, in the catering business, or at home.

STAS paper rail

STAS papergrip

STAS papergrip is one rail that has two uses. Thanks to a strip, paper and small posters can be easily locked into the rail and can be removed again with a single motion. Secondly, cards and similar objects can be placed in the special edge on top of the rail.


STAS papergrip is suitable for both thick and thin paper and can even hold light magazines up to 3.5 mm and laminated paper. The rail practically has a one-piece design and can be mounted in different ways. Multiple rails can be connected to create a hanging system that spans an entire wall. STAS papergrip is available in 59 inch in the colors white, texturized black, and texturized aluminum.

STAS papergrip


Used with a STAS picture hanging rail: 


STAS magnet set

The STAS magnet set is the flexible and fast magnetic suspension system for hanging papers, memos, photos, maps, etc. Create your own unique personal atmosphere time and again in your kitchen, living room, or office. Hang a postcard or photo in one second!


By way of its strong tripod neodymium magnet combined with the STAS steel cable, the STAS magnet set is unrivaled through its simplicity. A STAS magnet set consists of a steel cable with cobra and five or ten magnets in white or colors. The steel cable can be hooked into your STAS rail. The magnets can then be used to attach photos, cards, and memos to the cable. Ideal for Christmas and birthday cards, to-do lists, or temporary displays.

STAS magnet set

STAS poster strips

A set of transparent poster strips for hanging posters, photo cards, etc. Product contains 2 strips, one with hanging eyes. Available in different lengths.

STAS poster strips

STAS picture hits

The STAS picture hits system is the flexible and convenient suspension system for hanging photos, art, cards, papers, memos, maps, etc. In just a few steps, you can create a unique photo wall. The STAS picture hits are ideal for use in schools, shops, (estate agents’) offices, and, of course, your own living room. Transform your interior in the blink of an eye!


The STAS picture hits are patented transparent clips for the easy linking together of cards and photos. The STAS picture hits can be directly rotated in the STAS hanging system. A transparent distance strip can be positioned, for example, in order to start the row of cards at eye level.

STAS picture hits


Choose your STAS picture hanging rail:


STAS minirail


smallest rail in the world

Weight capacity: 55 lbs per 39.25"

Mounting: Wall mounted, any wall type

Look and feel: White or silver, neutral & minimal visibility

STAS cliprail pro

cliprail pro

heavy duty rail

Weight capacity: 99 lbs per 39.25"

Mounting: Wall mounted, any wall type

Look and feel: White or silver, neutral & minimal visibility

STAS cliprail max

cliprail max

no gap between rail and ceiling

Weight capacity: 55 lbs per 39.25"

Mounting: Wall mounted, any wall type

Look and feel: White or silver, neutral & adjoining to ceiling

STAS prorail flat

prorail flat

for ceiling fastening, can be concealed in plasterwork

Weight capacity: 99 lbs per 39.25"

Mounting: Ceiling mounted

Look and feel: White, neutral & minimal visibility

STAS u-rail


rail for drop ceilings and wooden ceilings

Weight capacity: 44 lbs per 39.25"

Mounting: Drop ceiling mounted

Look and feel: White or black, neutral & minimal visibility

Discover the ultimate solutions for displaying your papers, drawings, memos, photos, and posters with our top-notch paper hanging systems. Whether you're looking to enhance your home, office, or any creative space, our STAS paper hanging products offer unmatched flexibility, style, and functionality.

Why Choose STAS Paper Hanging Systems?

At Picture Hanging Systems, we provide innovative and reliable solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our STAS paper hanging systems are perfect for:

  • Offices and Workspaces: Keep your workspace organized and visually appealing with easy-to-use paper hanging rails.
  • Homes: Create a personal gallery or keep family notes and photos in order.
  • Schools and Educational Institutions: Display student work, notices, and educational materials efficiently.
  • Retail and Commercial Spaces: Showcase promotional materials, posters, and memos effortlessly.

Our Top Paper Hanging Solutions

STAS Paperrail

The STAS paperrail is perfect for effortlessly hanging papers, drawings, and photos. The gravity of marbles inside the rail ensures your items stay securely in place. Ideal for any environment where paper is frequently used.

STAS Papergrip

The versatile STAS papergrip serves dual purposes. It securely holds papers and posters with a simple locking mechanism and features a special edge for cards and similar items. Perfect for creating extensive hanging systems across entire walls.

STAS Magnet Set

Featuring a strong neodymium magnet and a steel cable, the STAS magnet set is ideal for quickly hanging papers, photos, and memos. Its simplicity and flexibility make it perfect for dynamic displays in any setting.

STAS Poster Strips

These transparent strips are great for hanging posters and photo cards. Easy to use and available in different lengths, they ensure your display items look neat and professional.

STAS Picture Hits

The STAS picture hits system is a convenient solution for creating photo walls and hanging art, cards, and memos. Its patented transparent clips make linking items a breeze, allowing for quick and stylish displays.

Easy Installation and Versatility

Our paper hanging systems are designed for easy installation and versatility. Whether you're mounting on walls, ceilings, or other surfaces, our products ensure a secure and aesthetic display. Follow our comprehensive installation guides or watch our instructional videos to get started quickly and easily.

Enhance Your Space Today

Transform your space with our innovative paper hanging systems. Browse our full range of products and find the perfect solution for your needs. Enhance organization, create stunning displays, and enjoy the flexibility of STAS paper hanging systems.

For more information and to explore our product range, visit our buying guide and take the first step towards a more organized and visually appealing environment.

FAQ: How to Hang Paper and Photos

Q: How do I hang papers and photos using the STAS paperrail?
A: Simply slide the papers or photos into the rail. The gravity of the marbles inside the rail will hold them securely in place.

Q: Can I hang different sizes of paper with the STAS papergrip?
A: Yes, the STAS papergrip is suitable for both thick and thin paper and can even hold light magazines up to 3.5 mm and laminated paper. It can accommodate a variety of paper sizes.

Q: How does the STAS magnet set work?
A: The STAS magnet set includes a steel cable with a cobra that hooks into your STAS rail. Use the strong neodymium magnets to attach photos, cards, and memos to the cable.

Q: Are the STAS poster strips reusable?
A: Yes, STAS poster strips are reusable. You can easily remove and reposition them without damaging your posters or photo cards.

Q: What are STAS picture hits, and how do they work?
A: STAS picture hits are transparent clips that link cards and photos together. They rotate directly into the STAS hanging system, allowing you to create a flexible and dynamic display.