Wall art lighting

Wall art lighting is an art in itself. With STAS, though, you can never go wrong. How so? Many types of light sources do not aim for the specific. But in wall art lighting, specific is what you need. Therefore, to illuminate multiple artworks, one needs multiple light sources. Too bad that many types of lighting of artwork are inflexible, attached to wall, ceiling or frame.

STAS has a different solution: STAS integrates wall art lighting with art hanging systems, which offers wireless lighting of artwork that is forever flexible: it can be moved without any tools. The same goes for your artworks. How so? STAS art lighting is integrated in a STAS art hanging system.

How does it work?

In one sentence: your wall art lighting fixtures are clicked into a picture rail, rather than attached to your wall or ceiling, like the usual wall mounted picture lights.

STAS offers picture hanging systems consisting of rail, cords, hooks and light fixtures. The picture rail is mounted on your wall and is equipped with 12 V power supply wires. Cords are clicked into the rail at any spot and hooks are slid over the cords to hang your art. Then, light fixtures are clicked into the rail, just choose a spot.

Has the time come to rearrange your artworks? Simply rearrange the cords and the fixtures and you’re done, no tools required.

wall art lighting by STAS

STAS art lighting explained

STAS offers art hanging systems with integrated lighting. Cordless lighting fixtures can be clicked into your picture rail at any spot, they don’t have to be attached to the painting, picture frame or to the ceiling. And if you wish to rearrange your art, the lights can be rearranged just as easily, without any tools.

Low voltage art lighting

The wall art lighting by STAS is low voltage lighting. A power supply wire runs through the picture rail, providing 12 V power to the fixtures. The power supply wires are connected to the mains by means of a transformer.

The STAS lighting fixtures are elegant designs equipped with led lamps; the lamps in the fixtures are 4 W powerLED lamps. Led is extremely energy efficient and moreover, it is safe for lighting your artworks: it doesn’t generate heat or infrared radiation. Led saves both energy and artwork. It saves energy because it simply doesn’t use as much as for instance halogen does. Moreover, it converts 80% of its energy into light rather than warmth. (Halogen instead, converts 80% of its energy to heat.) And led saves artwork because the lamps do not get hot, or emit damaging UV or infrared radiation.

Art lighting fixtures

STAS offers two types of fixtures. Your choice will depend on your taste, the height of your walls and the dimensions of your artwork.

  • The sirius fixture has a straight design with a slight arch, is 19.7" (50 cm) long and has a chrome finish.
  • The signo fixture has an arched design, is 27.6" (70 cm) long and also has a chrome finish.

We recommend using the signo fixture with a length of 27.6" (70 cm) for walls that are 8' 10" (2.70 m) or higher.

STAS art lighting fixtures

Wall art lighting products

There’s no complex science to picking the right art hanging system. That’s why you can order all the necessary products in our webshop. You can browse and buy the STAS products easily online. Just follow the steps carefully and assemble your complete art hanging and lighting package.

STAS, the best art lighting for paintings and framed art.

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