Become a STAS certified reseller

Thanks for your interest in our products.

Our company works with several other window treatment businesses like yours, providing an additional turn-key revenue stream in the area of picture hanging.

STAS manufactures picture hanging systems, which make it easy to endlessly hang, move, arrange, and change wall décor without tools or wall damage.

Customers are thankful to be introduced to the picture hanging system concept at the same time as their window coverings, as they typically just moved into a new home or are starting a renovation project. It solves a real issue for them that would have ultimately come up around the same time as their window treatments.

STAS is looking explore a partnership with your company to offer and install our picture hanging solutions to your customers, as well as promote your business to our customers. Some reasons we feel it might be a good fit:

  • • Our systems are easy to install with your existing tools – we also provide comprehensive installation manuals, video instructions, and technical support by phone, e-mail, video, and chat

  • • We offer complete marketing materials, including a mobile app, promotional binders and sample kits

  • • There are no upfront costs or inventory investments – you can order on demand once you make the sale. We ship orders within 24 hours, and also offer express processing and shipping

  • • Make great margins – you keep 100% of the installation revenue, and make up to 40% margin on any STAS products you sell

Want to know more? Questions? Comments? Please feel free to call one of our employees at phone number (888) 312-6971.