STAS papergrip

STAS papergrip is one rail that has two uses. Thanks to a strip, paper and small posters can be easily locked into the rail and can be removed again with a single motion. Secondly, cards and similar objects can be placed in the special edge on top of the rail.

  • STAS papergrip hanger set

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  • STAS papergrip hanger

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  • STAS name tag for the papergrip

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  • STAS papergrip
    per 59" length

    Suitable for hanging cards, photos etc

    Hang from the rail and put on top!

    In white, alu and textured

    As low as CA$73.61

    In stock

  • STAS papergrip hook
    As low as CA$4.59

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  • STAS paper rail
    star 4.5 (2)
    per 19.7" length

    Easily hang paper, cards, and more!

    Hold diverse items by gravity

    In white and silver

    As low as CA$28.87

    In stock

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