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  1. STAS zipper

    Most sold STAS hook

    Weight-limit: Up to 44 lbs per cord*

    Adjust position on cord with ease

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Picture frame hooks by STAS


picture hanging hooksAfter selecting a rail, choose a cord to hook into the rail and a hook to slide over the cord to the desired height. The hooks on this page can be combined with all STAS cords, either with a cobra or loop system. And with all STAS picture rail systems, with the exception of STAS j-rail max.

The STAS smartspring is able to carry weight up to 8.8 lbs in combination with a STAS cobra with perlon cord. All hooks should be used with complementary cord and picture rail with installation kit (mounting materials). The STAS zipper carries weight up to 22 lbs, when combined with a white or black steel cable, 33 lbs in combination with a perlon cord, 44 lbs with a regular steel cable. The STAS zipper pro security hook has an extra bracket to delay possible theft. This makes it impossible to remove artwork from walls in just one move. The best and ideal option to use in public areas or busy spaces like museums and galleries.

The wider STAS utility hook is a picture hanging hook that fans out its gripping point over 0.66 inch. That makes it a good hook to prevent from tilting or the shifting of wall hanging items. It's perfect combined with the STAS quilt hangers and with sawtooth hangers or other horizontal slots. Suitable or loads up to 9 lbs/4 kg combined with a perlon cord. Warning: The here mentioned product prices are for just a hook only.

Picture hanging hooks

STAS picture hanging hooks

STAS picture hangers are used in over 60 countries worldwide, not only in galleries and museums but also in all kinds of homes. STAS has a nice variety of picture hanging hooks that are eay to use in combination with a STAS rail system and STAS perlon or iron cords. The various hook - cord combinations can carry a weight from 8.8 lbs up to 44 lbs. By using STAS picture hangers, rails and cords, also available in different kits, you will be nable to hang your artwork truly like a professional. Below you will find simply the STAS hooks in our assortment, but it might be a good idea for you to have a look at our Readymade sets of hooks and cords.