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Led art lighting

Led art lighting doesn’t have to cost a lot. In fact, the led art lights by STAS will help you save money. STAS offers led fixtures that will not damage your wall, ceiling or frame and that can be moved without tools or drilling holes. That’s because STAS offers led art lighting integrated in hanging systems.

Lighting for artwork

Art lighting is a perfectly stylish way to illuminate your artwork. Picture lights will enhance the beauty of your artwork and contribute to a nice and cozy atmosphere in your home.

Art light represents class and luxury so if that's what you're looking for in your home, organization or art gallery then don't forget about picture lights!

Quick tips on how to lighten a painting

Height and distance of the picture lighting

You usually hang picture lighting at a distance of 1/3rd of the height of the ceiling. In addition, you must ensure that the light beam comes straight from the front. It is very important to avoid shadows when you want to illuminate your painting with picture lighting. Shadows distract from your painting and with indirect light you cannot see the painting sufficiently. A light beam that shines directly from the front on the painting is ideal for direct lighting without shadows. You achieve this by mounting a led spot in the right place, by placing a picture lamp above the picture or, even easier, by using a flexible picture hanging system with integrated picture lighting and fixtures.

Warmth and brightness of a picture lamp

The wattage or number of lumens indicates how much light a lamp produces. For picture lighting we recommend LED lamps with a minimum wattage of 3.5 Watt. The light warmth of a lamp is expressed in Kelvins (K). The higher this number, the whiter the light. 'Normal' lamps have a color temperature of approximately 2700K. The LED lamps that we offer have a standard warm white color (2700 K) and are available from 3.5 Watt. Do you want to set the warmth or brightness of your picture lighting yourself? Then go for smart lighting!

art lighting

Which color tone?

Do you prefer warm light or cool light? In general, people find warm light the most pleasant to look at, especially when lighting a painting. Warm light is also cozier. That is why the LED lamps of our picture lighting produce a warm white color (2700 K) as standard.

The choice of color tone is ultimately entirely up to you and your wishes. If you have smart lighting, you can also adjust the color tone of your lighting whenever you want. From fresh light in the morning to warm light in the evening.

picture lighting

Which types of lamps are best to use?

Finally, it is important to always opt for LED lighting over halogen. LED lighting is a sustainable choice because LED lamps use much less energy than halogen. In addition, LED lamps are also good for preserving your painting. Halogen lighting gives off harmful UV radiation, just like the sun. UV radiation will decrease the quality of your painting. So never hang a painting in the immediate vicinity of a window and only use LED spotlights for the painting lighting. The use of LED spots adds another nice touch. For example, nowadays you can opt for 'smart lamps'.

This smart LED lighting can be operated with an app on your phone, giving you full control over your picture lighting. With smart lighting, your picture lighting is dimmable, the color and intensity can be set and you can even use a timer function so that the light spot switches on when you come home.

How does the led picture lighting from STAS work?

It’s not complicated. Hanging art from an art hanging system basically means hanging art from a rail rather than from a nail. Picture hanging cords can be hooked into the rail at any spot, hooks are slid over the cord to hang your artwork.

Not only does this mean that you can rearrange artwork as often as you like, you can do so without using any tools or drilling any new holes! As a bonus, our STAS multirail series is equipped with integrated 12 V power supply wires (low voltage). Lighting fixtures (various designs) with LED lamps can be clicked into the rail at any spot to illuminate your wall decorations.

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Led lighting fixtures

STAS provides two types of lighting fixtures:

  • • The sirius fixture has a straight design with a slight arch, is 50 cm long and has a chrome finish.
  • • The signo fixture has an arched design, is 70 cm long and also has a chrome finish.

STAS art lighting fixtures

Both fixtures are cordless led picture lights, equipped with a 4W powerLED. Aside from its energy efficiency, led has the great advantage of not generating any heat or infrared radiation, keeping your art completely safe.

The powerLED has a closed shell, to prevent translucency at the back. The lamp is equipped with a frosted lens. Its output is equivalent to a regular 20 W bulb and has a cool warm white tone.

Led lighting is extremely energy efficient. Whereas regular halogen lighting converts only 20 % of its energy to light, led converts almost 80 %. Other advantages of led lights: they do not get warm, and they do not give off UV- or infrared radiation. In short: led picture lights won’t have any effect on your artwork: colors won’t fade and paint won’t melt.

Enlighten artwork gallery

Led art lighting in the home

STAS art gallery lighting systems are a perfect solution for art galleries. The combination of an art hanging system with integrated, wireless art lighting creates ultimate flexibility, safety and elegance. No maintenance costs, easy rearranging of artwork without tools and an investment for a lifetime. The STAS multirail is a thick-walled and massively strong, yet elegant rail, that holds up 99.21 lbs (45 kg) per 39.25" (1 meter) of picture rail. STAS multirail is therefore perfectly suitable to hang larger and heavier works of art.

Buy your art and picture lighting at STAS

It's very convenient to buy your picture lighting at STAS. At STAS you buy directly from the manufacturer. Therefore we can give you detailed answers to all your questions about picture lighting for your organization, your home, or your art gallery. In addition, we only work with high-quality materials and ditto technologies which make our hanging systems and picture lighting the most sustainable to last a lifetime. This quality has also been proven and tested by TÜV Netherlands. Do you need advice? Don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you! All products you need to light your artworks with led can be found right here, online.

STAS multirail: picture hanging system and led lighting system in one!

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