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Clients of STAS picture hanging systems in the USA

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STAS picture hanging systems

What will you hang with STAS?

The walls in your home are huge canvases. You encounter them every day. Consider all that space for a minute. What do you want to do with it?

Compare our picture hanging systems >
Mount picture rail

2. Hook the cord into the rail

at any spot you’d like to hang an object.
DIY picture rails

1. Mount the picture rail on your wall or ceiling.

This is the last drilling you’ll need to do.
Hang pictures without nails

3. Slide the picture hook over the cord

to the height you desire. Hang your object and you’re done!

STAS picture hanging systems: the best way to hang your pictures!

wall hanging

Hanging a picture has never been easier, using the picture rail manufactured by STAS picture hanging systems. With our various art hanging systems, you can hang your wall decorations quickly and easily. Arrange and rearrange them time and time again without using any tools, screws or nails!

The unique STAS system truly delivers; once the picture rail is installed, you’ll never need to drill a hole in the wall ever again! Hang your paintings, photographs, posters and picture frames with the variety of picture hooks and picture hangers by STAS. Buy an art hanging system for your home or office online now.

This is also the reason why STAS delivers its solutions to the world's most renowned museums, art gallery, universities, governmental institutions, etc.. But a STAS picture hanging system provides customized solutions for your home as well! On this website, we will give you ideas on how to hang your pictures. You will find many solutions for secure, flexible and elegant picture hanging.

This is an excellent product. Installation is a breeze if you take your measurements carefully before you start drilling. The pro system looks fabulous and it is easy to hang the artwork. We have a long wall--17 feet--and this product is what we have been searching for.

Peg B - Bought a STAS cliprail pro

I needed a system where I could change framed photos often as I submit them to galleries and contests. The mini-rails were perfect for me along with the person cords and zipper hooks. Love the system and highly recommend it.

George - Bought a STAS minirail

Installed the cliprail max in our kitchen dining area and it is fantastic. Ordered another rail set for our family room. Easy to install the rail, and the zipper/cord system makes hanging and arranging items a breeze. Great quality for a great price. Highly recommended!!

Amy - Bought a STAS cliprail max

Heavy stuff

STAS offers systems for objects in all weight categories.
For heavy statement pieces, choose STAS j-rail.

Various objects

STAS can hang all sorts of objects,
so feel free to decorate with clocks, mirrors, quilts etc.


The walls in your space are huge canvases. Which story do you want them to tell? A story of family bliss with picture collages? A story of curated art? The story of a practical and organized workplace? Feel free to create!
More wall hanging inspiration

Integrated lighting

Art lighting is the finishing touch.
Choose STAS multirail to combine hanging and lighting.

Virtually invisible

STAS blends in with any interior, modern or traditional.

Effortless rearranging

Whether at home or in the workplace, easy rearranging allows for flexible use of space.

Why STAS?!

Worldwide #1 seller of picture hanging systems

• Operating since 1995, founded in the Netherlands. STAS uses premium European components

• Sold in over 53 countries worldwide – Shipped from the USA    

• Over 40 million decorations hang from a STAS rail system!    

• Besides artwork, the STAS systems can be used for quilts, plates, whiteboards, mirrors and much more    

• STAS holds over 20 patents on its hanging systems    

• STAS websites are available in 34 languages    

Used in tens of thousands of museums, offices, galleries and public buildings around the globe    

• Winner of several design awards – Good industrial design, Dutch innovation award - Certified quality by TÜV*.

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