STAS presents: the easiest picture hanging system in the world!

Hanging pictures on drywall has never been easier! The patented STAS drywallXpress is the perfect solution for you if you hate having to drill or putting nails in your wall. Do you think hanging photos or paintings is such a hassle? Choose for convenience, choose for the STAS drywallXpress!

Hanging pictures on drywall with a picture hanging system

STAS drywallXpress

Push, click & go! The only tools that you need are your own hands so no need to pick up that drill!

Mount with the patented STAS drywallXpress a picture hanging system on sheetrock, drywall or wallboard in no time.

Click the rail onto the clips and your picture hanging system is ready to use! Use the STAS cords with cobra and use a STAS zipper or STAS smartspring to hang your pictures with the STAS drywallXpress .

advantages STAS drywallXpress

Discover in this video how this revolutionary system works:

For the office, governmental insitutions and for in your home
Discover how the STAS drywallXpress can be applied in the office, in governmental institutions and even in your own home. Hang and rearrange paintings, pictures, wall galleries, collages, mirrors, quilts or decorative plates in a matter of seconds. This picture hanging system, along with our other picture hanging systems, keeps walls undamaged and therefore contributes to sustainable building management.

For galleries
Artists swear by using a picture hanging system to display their art in their galleries. The STAS drywallXpress is a perfect solution for galleries with drywall as well.

Hanging pictures on drywall without having to drill

STAS drywallXpress
This is the first picture hanging system for which you only need your hands to assemble it. A unique method! With the help of the enclosed auxiliary tool you can push the metal clips, similar to molly bolts or monkey hooks, into your drywall just a little easier.

The easy installation ensures a stress-free assembly!

A complete picture hanging system: push, click & go!

The STAS drywallXpress is a complete picture hanging system consisting of drywall clips, picture rail and an auxiliary tool.
The metal clips are similar to the well-known molly bolts or monkey hooks. Push the drywall clips directly and safely into your drywall, sheetrock or wallboard.

Combine this picture hanging system with the drywall picture hooks and cables.

Drywall hooks and cables for the patented STAS drywallXpress

perlon cord with cobra

transparent cord for light art

33 lbs with zipper

steel cable with cobra

sturdy cable for heavy art

44 lbs with zipper (pro)
STAS smartspring


basic hook to use with perlon cord

8.8 lbs in combination with perlon cord
STAS zipper


sturdy hook to use with perlon cord and steel cable

33 lbs with perlon cord
44 lbs in combination with steel cable

zipper pro

equipped with a theft-delaying bracket

44 lbs in combination with steel cable

STAS drywallXpress

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