Hanging photos: tips and tricks

Hanging photos

The options for hanging photos can be overwhelming. STAS will help you find your bearings in the jungle of photo hanging methods with some simple tips:

Tip 1: start at the beginning

There’s millions of ways to hang photos. So, before you do anything, first decide on a few basics:
Framed or unframed? Needless to say, photo hanging methods for framed photos are very different from methods for unframed photos.
Large or small? Large pieces of art, pictures or photos demand space and hanging tools that will accommodate heavier weights and vice versa.
Single piece or collage? If you want to create a collage, photo display or gallery wall, you may want to consider photo hanging methods that allow you to easily adjust and rearrange your frames.

Tip 2: choose a stress-free method

You put up a photo after careful consideration and yet, it still looks all wrong.
Too high, too low, too close to furniture. Sound familiar?
Don’t despair! Not all ways of hanging photos put pressure on you to get it right the first time around.

The most stress-free method for hanging photos and pictures? Choose a picture hanging system.

With a picture hanging system, there's no need to create holes in your walls for every individual photo you wish to hang. Instead, you will only need to create a few holes to mount a picture rail. Once the rail is up, spanning any length you wish, you can start hanging photos by hooking cords into the rail and sliding picture hooks over the cords. You can adjust the height and location of your photos as often as you like, without tools, without wall damage!

STAS offers multiple types of picture hanging systems. Take a browse!

Tip 3: think outside the box

It may sound cliché, or it may sound out of reach, but a little creativity can add spice to any interior.
Here’s a few photo hanging ideas to get that creative mind flowing:

Think magnetic!
There’s lots of surfaces that cry out for photos. And it’s not just your fridge. Any steel surface could be a perfect place for hanging photos! With STAS magnetic picture hooks you can hang framed photos up to 46 lbs on any steel surface.
Have lots of unframed photos? The STAS magnet set is a great solution to display your unframed photographs and other pictures. Hang your pictures with the small magnets simply by attaching them to the steel wire!
More is more
Have too many awesome photos without frames that you just don't want to put away in a box? With STAS paper rail, photos can be displayed but also swapped in one move. Of course, you can also use the paper rail for hanging drawings and notes.
You make the rules
If an eclectic style is what you’re going for, don’t be afraid to mix photos with other art. Drawings, paintings, cartoons, quotes and patterns can create a lively mix with photography. Nothing is off limits: if you like it, then your collage or gallery wall is successful.

So, what do you want to do with photos?

Hanging photos on wire
Hanging photos with frames
Hanging photos without frames
Hanging photos on wall, yes, any wall (or ceiling)!
Hanging photo frames without nails