Hanging art

Imagine a world where hanging art is fun...

Let me guess: hanging art is not your hobby.
Why not?
Let me guess: because you need to get it right in one try.
But what if you could hang artwork without that pressure?
It might be... fun!

Hanging art

The new way to hang art

The experts at STAS have hung art professionally for over 20 years, so they know a thing or two about it. Read on to discover the STAS take on hanging art. Without nails, without pressure.

Advantages of hanging art without nails

There are alternatives to hanging art with nails. Some of these alternatives, like adhesives, merely replace the nail but do not improve on functionality. However, art hanging systems actually open up new possibilities:

• Rearranging artworks without tools
• Rearranging artworks without wall damage
• Hanging both light and heavy artwork safely and securely
• One system, a lifetime of displaying and rearranging art
• Suitable for all wall (and ceiling) types (plaster wall, dry wall, brick wall...)

Hanging systems: how does it work?

The greatest advantage of hanging art with a hanging system is that it gives you endless flexibility (and durability). How does it work? A picture hanging systems consists of three components: a picture rail, cords and hooks.

1. Mount the aluminum picture rail on your wall (usually just below the ceiling).
2. Place the cord in the rail at any desired spot.
3. Slide the picture hook over the cord to any desired height and adjust easily.
4. Hang your artwork on the hook.

Made a bad choice? Simply take the artwork off the hook, adjust the hook and / or cord and see if the result is better. It’s that simple. No tools, no damage.
Now, who said hanging art wasn't fun?

Convinced that a hanging system is the method for you? Buy online!

Hanging art: more ideas

Once your system is mounted, endless possibilities open up for hanging art, pictures, photos, as well as for hanging mirrors, clocks, bulletin boards... It's your call, as long as you're mindful of the load capacity of the system you're using.

Have a steel surface that could use some serious art? And we're not talking about fridge magnets. STAS also offers a range of magnetic picture hooks that can carry loads up to 46 lbs.
STAS picture hanging systems are used in art galleries, museums, homes, offices, educational facilities, healthcare, hotels.

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