Gallery hanging system


A gallery hanging system is a picture hanging system that employs a picture rail to hang art. It is the preferred art hanging method for most galleries and museums, but also for ever more home owners, schools, hospitals and corporations.

STAS gallery hanging system

A gallery hanging system: is it for me?

Gallery hanging systems combine flexible art hanging with damage-free walls. Paintings and other objects can be rearranged without tools or effort. Adjustments can be made to the placement and height of the artworks without drilling new holes.

Gallery hanging systems are also called art hanging systems or picture hanging systems. But despite the name, hanging systems aren’t just for galleries, art or pictures. Hang for instance mirrors, clocks, bulletin boards or quilts by picking the right picture hanging hardware.

So, if you're looking for a way hang artwork or other objects without nails or drilling, if you want to rearrange
frequently, or if you're simply looking for a durable hanging
solution, a gallery hanging system is definitely for you!

STAS gallery hanging systems

Buying a gallery hanging system online:
how does that work?

A gallery hanging system isn’t a fixed product that looks and functions the same wherever you buy it. Different brands use different techniques, offer different types and apply different finishes.

That said, it is easy as pie to assemble your own system online

STAS offers 8 different types of hanging systems to cover a broad range of applications. Our webshop will take you through the ordering process step by step. Don't worry, it's no rocket science:

1. Pick a rail. Make sure you include an installation set.
2. Pick a cord or cable.
3. Pick a hook.

So, ready to "take the plunge"? Compare our systems and order easily in our webshop


Smallest in the world

cliprail pro

Heavy duty

cliprail max

Fits straight to the ceiling, no gap

j-rail max


prorail flat

For ceiling and plastering
Weight capacity55 lbs per 39.25"99 lbs per 39.25"55 lbs per 39.25"220 lbs per 39.25"99 lbs per 39.25"
Mounting onWallWallWallWallCeiling
ColorWhite or silverWhite or silverWhite or silverWhite or silverWhite
Theft delaying possibility?
Mounting instructions
Additional hangersHooks and cordsHooks and cordsHooks and cordsHooks and rodsHooks and cords
Price per 59" (150cm)
-Mounting materials
-Picture rail 
26.86 CAD $33.68 CAD $26.99 CAD $27.27 CAD $48.26 CAD $