Fine art lighting

Fine art calls for art lighting that respects both the artwork and the frame. With fine art lighting systems by STAS, art can be illuminated elegantly, safely and flexibly.

Fine art lighting

The STAS art lighting formula

STAS offers hanging systems with integrated lighting to make your art shine. This means that the light fixtures are not attached to either wall, ceiling or picture frame, but to a picture rail. The picture rail is mounted on your wall and artworks are hung from the rail by means of cords and hooks. The fixtures can be clicked into the picture rail at any given spot, providing great flexibility to rearrange your art at will.

An art hanging system with lighting offers many advantages: you can endlessly rearrange your artworks without using any tools or drilling holes. The lighting fixtures can be moved along just as easily.

Watch the clip below for an animated explanation of our art hanging systems.

Or view our fine art lighting systems in action, live action:

Fine art lighting fixtures

STAS provides elegant fixtures with energy efficient and low voltage (12 V) led lights to illuminate your artworks and photographs. Make a choice between two types:

  • • The sirius fixture has a straight design with a slight arch, is 50 cm long and has a chrome finish.
  • • The signo fixture has an arched design, is 70 cm long and also has a chrome finish.

STAS art lighting fixtures

Both fixtures are equipped with a 4W powerLED. Aside from its energy efficiency, led has the great advantage that it doesn’t generate any heat or infrared radiation, ensuring complete safety for your art. Colors won’t fade, materials won’t melt or get damaged in any other way.

Fine art lighting systems online

Complete STAS hanging systems, including lighting fixtures and led lamps, can be bought in our webshop. Feel free to take a browse and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

STAS, the fine art lighting company.

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