Ceiling picture hanging system


In some cases, it might be practical or even necessary to hang pictures from the ceiling. A ceiling picture hanging system is probably the most secure and flexible solution to do this with.

How do ceiling picture hanging systems work?

STAS offers two types of art hanging system that were created specifically for ceiling fixing:

STAS prorail flat - ceiling picture hanging system

STAS prorail flat
STAS prorail flat is a rail that can be concealed in plasterwork, flat decorative framework or a molding.

STAS u-rail - ceiling picture hanging system

STAS u-rail
STAS u-rail is a rail for drop ceilings. It is mounted on the wooden ledge of the drop ceiling and is available in colors that match the drop ceiling or ceiling framework for an unobtrusive system.

1. The picture rail is mounted on your ceiling, in that corner where ceiling and wall meet.
2. From the rail, you can hang cords.
3. By sliding a hook over the cord to the desired height of the object you wish to hang, your hanging system is complete.

What can I hang with a ceiling picture hanging system?

Like wall mounted picture hanging systems, ceiling mounted picture hanging systems are suited to hanging a large variety of objects, from pictures and paintings to for instance clocks, dartboards and mirrors. The only criterium is the weight of the artwork or object. So, simply check the load capacity of the picture rail and your cords and hooks and you're ready to go.

Wall mounted picture hanging systems

Aside from ceiling picture hanging systems, STAS also offers picture hanging systems for wall mounting. The principle by which these systems function is exactly the same: a rail is completed by cords and picture hooks.