Art hanging systems

STAS art hanging systems

Art hanging is a craft. And that craft is usually best mastered by an art hanging system. These systems allow for a professional, elegant and very flexible way of hanging art and other objects. Not only do they find their use in museums, galleries, businesses and schools, they are just as ideal for use at home.

Why choose an art hanging system?

• Rearrange endlessly without tools or wall damage!
• Art displays look elegant and professional
• Hanging systems are not just for hanging artwork: feel free to hang other objects such as clocks, mirrors and quilts.
• Buy once, enjoy a lifetime!

How to use art hanging systems

1. An art hanging system is a rail system. An aluminum picture rail is mounted on your wall or ceiling.
2. The matching cords (or steel cables) can be hooked into the rail at any spot.
3. Finally, artwork can be hung by sliding a picture rail hook over the cord to the desired height.

How to pick the right art hanging system

STAS offers various types of artwork hanging systems:
STAS minirail: the smallest picture rail in the world, elegant and unobtrusive
STAS cliprail max: features a top rim that closes the small, inevitable gap between rail and ceiling
STAS cliprail pro: for heavier works of art
STAS j-rail max: uses rods instead of cords and is therefore ideal for use on high walls
STAS prorail flat: can be concealed in plasterwork, flat decorative framework or behind a molding
STAS u-rail: this rail is mounted on the wooden edge of a drop ceiling

Art hanging systems can be ordered easily online. Assemble yours here!



Smallest in the world

cliprail pro

Heavy duty

cliprail max

Fits straight to the ceiling, no gap

j-rail max


prorail flat

For ceiling and plastering
Weight capacity 55 lbs per 39.25" 99 lbs per 39.25" 55 lbs per 39.25" 220 lbs per 39.25" 99 lbs per 39.25"
Mounting on Wall Wall Wall Wall Ceiling
Color White or silver White or silver White or silver White or silver White
Theft delaying possibility?
Mounting instructions
Additional hangers Hooks and cords Hooks and cords Hooks and cords Hooks and rods Hooks and cords
Price per 59" (150cm)
-Mounting materials
-Picture rail 
26.86 CAD $ 33.68 CAD $ 26.99 CAD $ 27.27 CAD $ 48.26 CAD $