Art display lighting

An art display without lighting is like a cake without candles. That’s why STAS offers the cake with the candles: art hanging systems with integrated lighting. Infinite possibilities, no drilling!

Art display lighting using STAS multirail

How does it work?

Art display lighting by STAS can be clicked into a STAS art hanging system at any spot. A hanging system consists of a rail that is mounted on your wall, and cords and hooks that hang from the rail to support your art. The rail can be mounted on all wall types, even on most types of art display panels.

The biggest advantage of this system? You can rearrange your art displays endlessly without using any tools or drilling extra holes, either for your artworks or your lighting fixtures.

Want some visualization? View this short animated clip to learn more:

Art display lighting fixtures

Our hanging systems with integrated lighting, called STAS multirail, are 12 V low voltage systems with 4 W powerLED lights. Energy efficient, safe for both humans and artwork, and elegant to look at.

You can choose from two types of art lighting fixture:

  • • The sirius fixture has a straight design with a slight arch, is 50 cm long and has a chrome finish.
  • • The signo fixture has an arched design, is 70 cm long and also has a chrome finish.

STAS art lighting fixtures

Art display lighting products

You can buy your STAS multirail products directly online. A rail, hooks, cords, fixtures, lamps and a transformer make up a complete package.

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